Transportation and Distribution in Myanmar

Phee Group in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore believed that the transporting of goods from one location to another quotation is the next demanding service by all customers. By moving goods from locations where they are sourced to locations where they are demanded, transportation provides the essential service of linking a company to its suppliers and customers. It is an essential activity in the logistics function, supporting the economic utilities of place and time. Basically, if there are no means of transport, there is no logistical process. However, if there is no planning, there is no efficient transportation.

Myanmar is a potential country as it is linking neighbouring countries via land and sea freight. Phee Group in Myanmar and other regions is entering the logistics sector with advanced systems like Transport Management System (TMS) when providing full truckload, less than truckload and connecting the inter-state transport mode as the distribution service for our customer goods. We cover a wide range of transportation arrangement services to customers by Land, Sea and Air freights in transportation and distribution in Myanmar.

Phee group in Myanmar and other regions provide haulage service for FCL (A full container load), FTL (Full Truck Load), LTL (Less Than Truck Load) transportation services.

Phee Group in Myanmar has a subsidiary known as “Transportation and Distribution Network in Myanmar – TDN) by offering haulage for container trucking and domestic transportation for FTL and LTL services. We take out empty container from the depot under the rules of the ISO 7-point container checklist and arrange to deliver the empty container to its loading place on time.

In our domestic transportation and distribution in Myanmar, we arrange such services not only for dry trucks but also for refrigerated trucks. Phee Group also provides value-added services according to customers’ requirements, arranging labour along with the transportation, and lifting equipment including folk lift and crane services for nationwide distribution.

Phee Group provides solutions to our customers’ transportation and distribution in Myanmar. We help our customers to overcome challenges of their transportation and distribution in Myanmar by providing cost and time-saving end-to-end services. Phee Group’s Transportation management system allows our customers full visibility on the movement of its cargoes. Our mobile application for E-POD (proof of delivery) provides our customers with immediate notification when their cargoes are delivered.