Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar

In the dynamic landscape of Myanmar’s growing economy and increasing international trade, the need for reliable and efficient temperature-controlled warehousing has become paramount. Temperature-controlled warehouses, often referred to as cold storage facilities, play a crucial role in preserving the quality and integrity of perishable goods during storage and distribution.

Phee Central Limited (PCL) as a strategic investment by Phee Group, is providing Integrated Logistics Service & Contract Logistics with State-of-the-Art warehousing facilities as a Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar. Built on 3.2 acres of land with a 100,000 sq.ft scalable warehouse.

Suitable for both Multi-user and dedicated warehouse clients and on-site modern office, transformed the reality of cold chain by delivering a cutting-edge Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar. PCL focuses on providing 360 Logistics Solutions for FMCG, F&B, CPG, E-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion & Garments and Telco & Technology.

Key Features of Our Temperature-Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar:

1.Preserving Perishable Goods:

Temperature-controlled warehouses maintain specific temperature and humidity levels to ensure the freshness and quality of a wide range of products, including fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items.

  1. Advanced Refrigeration Technology:

These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, allowing for precise temperature control and monitoring. Modern technologies, such as computerized systems and remote monitoring, enhance the efficiency of operations.

Phee Central Limited (PCL)’s Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar, is offering different multi-temperature controlled cold storage services to store cargoes at specific required temperatures:

  • Ante Room (20° C to 25° C)
  • Chiller (25°C to -5°C)
  • Freezer (-2°C to – 25°C)
  1. Compliance with International Standards:

Temperature-controlled warehouses in Myanmar adhere to international standards and regulations governing the storage of perishable goods. Compliance ensures that goods meet quality and safety standards, facilitating smooth international trade. Phee Central Limited (PCL)’s Temperature-Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar has acquired ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, GHP certifications according to international standards, alongside with local certificates like Fire Safety Certificate, Ministry of Fisheries, etc.

  1. Customizable Storage Solutions:

Warehouses offer flexible storage solutions tailored to the specific needs of different products. This includes varying temperature zones, humidity control, and specialized storage arrangements to accommodate diverse product requirements.

  1. Strategic Location and Accessibility:

Our strategic location of temperature-controlled warehouse near key transportation hubs and ports enhances accessibility. Proximity to major trade routes ensures efficient distribution and reduces transit times, benefiting both importers and exporters.

As one of the best Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar, Phee Central Limited (PCL)’s in-house warehouse management system (iWMS) manages and controls daily warehouse operations from the moment goods or materials enter our fulfillment centre.

With Phee Central Limited (PCL) international standard Temperature Controlled Warehouse in Myanmar, and our experienced professionals, we will be the reliable partner of warehousing needs for our customers.