Custom and Trade Compliance in Myanmar

Custom and trade compliance in Myanmar is the adherence to trade regulations of whichever countries you are exporting from and importing to.  Custom and trade compliance in Myanmar is managed by a team of experts. The team ensures that all requirements are met to expedite the clearance of shipment. This experienced team offers real-time free advice and offer tailored services to suit every requirement when needed.

The aim of this process is to deliver an efficient, professional, timely service, specific for customers, and individual requirements. The team also closely looks into the arrival and dispatch of shipments and answers all the queries related to all clearance procedures. They also aid to ensure that your consignments clear customs swiftly and efficiently.

The team also assists in completing all the required legal formalities within the specified time period. The services also include hassle-free documentation, customs documentation and brokering, domestic clearance for trouble-free transportation of consignments, warehouse coordination, and others.

Phee Group has its own business unit TCC which is formed with its own custom clearance team to handle customs and trade compliance services in Myanmar. Our well-trained customs clearance specialists work very closely with customers to prepare trading formalities, and submit to Myanmar Customs for customs clearing process and cargo clearance at respective airports or seaports or terminals effectively and efficiently. TCC is a member of MCBA (Myanmar Customs Broker Association) and we hold an official Customs Clearing License issued by the Myanmar Customs Authority. Our top priority has always been customers’ needs and delivering our services in minimum costs at maximum speeds with safe and reliable solutions for custom and trade compliance in Myanmar.

The importance of having a team for the custom and trade compliance in Myanmar is to guide through the process of shipment with respect to the clearance process. It is important to ensure that the goods exported and imported safely on a daily basis reach to the destination on timely manner. Through this custom and trade compliance in Myanmar, it helps accelerate the process faster.