Cold Storage in Myanmar

Phee Central Limited (PCL) provides customers’ cold storage requirements with one of the best international standard cold storage in Myanmar. Phee Central Limited (PCL) cold storage warehouse is designed to maintain certain environmental conditions to keep temperature-sensitive products safe. It has independent temperature-controlled chambers for Frozen Storage, Chilled Storage, Refrigerated Storage and Ante Room. In countries with developed logistics sectors, fruit and vegetables are stored in the temperature-controlled space to maintain shelf life before reaching destinations where there is supply shortage. However, Myanmar produces enough for domestic consumption and so the decent space was not used in the past. They became highly in demand recently with fresh fruit exporting when international sanctions were lifted. The export commodities of Myanmar, mainly fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats and seafood are required to store at a specific temperature before exporting.

Phee Central Limited (PCL) offers three types of cold storage in Myanmar. There are three separate freezer chambers with independent temperature control which have a total capacity of 1300 square feet per chamber and a total of 160 pallets can be stored in each chamber.  These freezer chambers can store meat, fish, seafood, ice cream & specific medicine like BioNTech, and Pfizer vaccine with a temperature range of -2°C to – 25°C.

There are three chillers with an independent temperature control range of -5° C to 25°C at PCL, having a total capacity of 1300 square feet per chamber and total of 160 pallets can be stored in each chamber like a freezer chamber. In the chiller, equipped with advanced technologies like locked auto doors, temperature monitoring systems & semi- auto robotic pallet retrieval products., our customers can store their valuable products like F&B products, Pharmaceuticals & dairy products.

Among a very few qualities cold storage in Myanmar, Phee Central Limited (PCL) is on the top with having quality certificates like HACCP, GMP in order to provide customers with the international safety requirement. Further cold rooms are fully equipped with Racking System for high value goods, premium products avoiding floor storage and maximizing the storage space when only few cold storage in Myanmar having same standard of facility.

In addition, Phee Central Limited (PCL) offers an anteroom to store other temperature control-required products within the temperature range 20°C to 25°C. This anteroom has a total capacity of 2500 square feet and can be stored 156 pallet positions.

Phee Central Limited (PCL) is standing as one of the best cold storage in Myanmar and has proudly served customers for cold storage demand in Myanmar since 27 Nov 2017. PCL will always be on your side for your choice through our advanced services and technologies.