Air Cargo Services in Myanmar

Phee Group provides air freight and cargo services not only in Myanmar but also in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. Our strong partnership with global airlines to carry air cargo services to connect to/from Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The group in Myanmar represents air cargoes sales agent of Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airway, Korean Air, Myanmar Airway International, Qatar Airway, Turkish Airline, Malaysia Airlines and Vietnam Airlines. The group in Myanmar also represented General Sales Agents of air cargoes from United Airline @ United Cargo as well as 9Air and in Singapore, the group represented June Yao Air as General Sales Agent of air cargoes services.

OV Logistics Ltd, as a freight forwarding arm of Phee Group of Companies, also operates and facilitate as a provider of Air Cargo Services in Myanmar. Among the various freight forwarding companies operating in Myanmar, we, OV Logistics Ltd, manage good relationship with Air Freight and Logistics Industries, Governmental Offices in Myanmar and also the active MIFFA (Myanmar International Freight Forwarding Association). Our Air Freight Services in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore include both Export and Import, direct and off line cargo transport services using the most reliable airlines across all the major destinations.

Having being awarded the top performance agents from Singapore Airlines, Eva Air, Qatar Airways, Thai Airways and All Nippon Airways yearly with the contribution from air freight team and talented members of Phee Group in all regions.

Under Air Cargo Services in Myanmar, we are not only providing the air-air service but also land air service connecting from the cross border, Sea- Air service via Singapore and Air- Sea service via Port Klang or Singapore to connect the global destinations from our branch offices. To save the cost, our solution team from air freight departments has timely understanding of the client’s requirement based on the cargoes readiness and receiving timeline at the destinations to provide the solutions either air-air or sea-air/ land-air services.

The critical concern for Air Cargo Services in Myanmar is space. It would determine the experience and relationship with airlines from Phee Group’s air freight department during the peak season. OV Logistics Ltd in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam has established working relationship with the major airlines as well as having the global network partners to secure the competitive air freight and space for air cargoes in Myanmar but also in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

Having 30 years of the experience and footprint in Air Cargo Services in Myanmar and other branches – our creditability, market knowledge, excellent track records, are testimonial to our customers. OV Logistics Ltd offers a wide range of total solutions for all Air Transport options and we are fully equipped with the expertise to handle for the Air Cargo Services in Myanmar and in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore under the expertise of talented team members that would fulfill the requirement of our customers and our global partners by reaching the competitive edge.