3PL in Myanmar

Myanmar’s strategic location and economic growth have led to an increasing demand for efficient and streamlined logistics solutions. In this context, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers have emerged as key facilitators, offering a range of services that enhance supply chain efficiency for businesses operating in and around the country.

Phee Central Limited (PCL) as a strategic investment by Phee Group, is providing Integrated Logistics Service & Contract Logistics with State-of-the-Art warehousing facilities as a 3PL in Myanmar. Built on 3.2 acres of land with a 100,000 sq.ft scalable warehouse.  Suitable for both Multi-user and dedicated warehouse clients.

Phee Central Limited (PCL) is one of the 3PL in Myanmar that provides end to end logistics services. These services include warehousing, inventory management, picking & packing, kitting & assembly, reverse logistics, cargo or freight consolidation. As one of the top 3PL in Myanmar, Phee Central Limited (PCL) anticipates 3PL logistics solution for agricultural, pharmaceutical, FMCG, and customers throughout Myanmar with accredited to ISO:9001 – 2015, HACCP and GHP certification. We positioned ourselves to be a trusted & preferred 3PL in Myanmar allowing our customers to focus more on their core business and less worry on logistics & supply chain needs.

Moreover among a few 3PL in Myanmar, Phee Central Limited (PCL) is able to provide multi-temperature storage in one place with Different Temperature (Freezer, Chiller and Air-Con Temperature) Rooms. On top of that, Phee Central Limited (PCL) is able to handle multiple products in the same location by equipping self with Racking System, Shelving System, Floor Storage and Open Yard Storage. Phee Central Limited (PCL) as 3PL in Myanmar is here for our customers to provide one stop logistics & supply chain needs. The primary benefit of using our service to handle logistics solutions; packaging, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, would be cost savings as customers do not have to maintain a warehouse or hiring staff to monitor supply chain operations.

Phee Central Limited (PCL), 3PL in Myanmar play a pivotal role in optimizing supply chain processes, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency for businesses. As the country continues to develop and engage in international trade, the collaboration between businesses and us will be essential in navigating logistical complexities and driving economic growth.