Phee Group & Keyfields introduce full suite of Logistics Management System into Myanmar

May 31, 2019

Phee Group (“PG”) and KEYfields (“KF”), both headquartered in Singapore, have teamed up and expanded in Myanmar by leveraging on each other’s strength.
Witnessing shifts from disparate systems to an integrated platform and driven by the rising tide of Industry 4.0, PG introduces KEYfields’ ONE LOGON (Logistics Online) integrated platform to level the playing field with international players.
ONE LOGON digitizes all the operations from freight, warehouse, and transport to accounts. The respective jobs are entered into the system. These jobs flow across departments, from customer service, controlling, operations, billing, and accounts to management. This not only provide end-to-end visibility but also optimizes resources, remove redundancies and improve customer services. The platform leverages on KF ONE LOGON Cloud and is expected to bring a significant return on investments (ROI) within three years of its adoption.
According to Ben Phee, Managing Director of Phee Group, “With the establishment of Phee Central, a 100,000 square feet logistics hub built on 3.2 acres of elevated ground in Myanmar, it is natural that an end-to-end platform is needed to integrate warehousing with our existing freight and transport businesses. After months of evaluations and meetings, KF’s ONE LOGON (One Enterprise Logistics Online) emerges as the selected partner.
KF not only offers a ‘one-stop’ integrated platform, more importantly it is a Singapore-based company that has presence in Myanmar. This is in line with our commitment to work with Singapore-based companies to expand overseas together and increases Singapore FDI in the overseas country.”
“We are glad to partner PG in Myanmar. With more than two decades of experience in Myanmar, PG is a true market leader. PG is now embarking on its next growth phase and its decision to select ONE LOGON to support its digital transformation initiative will help the organization achieve its strategic business objectives. We are confident that the deployment of ONE LOGON will help PG delivers value for all stakeholders and create the differentiation needed to achieve and maintain market leadership. We believe this project will be a good showcase for other logistics companies to emulate and follow suit” commented Kenny Tan, CEO of KEYfields.