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December 22, 2023

We operate state-of-the-art warehouse to ensure your commercial commodities are stored securely and monitored closely by choosing Phee Central Limited (PCL) warehouse solutions. If you’re looking for commercial storage warehousing or just need extra storage, we can help.

Our commercial storage facilities are managed with our Electronic Tracking System, a technologically advanced system that records your company’s information, the amount of goods you have stored, where they are located and when we received your goods. This streamlined approach to business storage ensures that your property is inventoried and tracked for as long as it is in our facility. In addition to providing commercial sto rage, we also can pick up, receive, store and deliver your goods as part of our warehousing and commercial moving distribution services.

Please call Phee Group sales consultants @ below phone numbers to Learn More About the Free Storage and how Phee Group can help you improve and reduce logistics cost on Your storage & logistics needs during this challenging time.

Ms. Htoo Htoo Myint: +95 95155226
+95 9457888818
Ms. Rachel: +95 9421515651